Language of real estate – February 2018

Keller Williams Scenic estate agents continue to achieve excellent business results. Under new management, and as one of the newly revamped Keller Williams market centres in South Africa, we know that we exist to help our associates have careers worth having, own businesses worth owning and lead lives worth living. If we get this right better than any other agency, our associates in turn will treat their clients better than anyone else.

From January 2018 to February 2018, month-over-month, our associates posted the following results:

  • Our number of registered units (i.e. successful transactions) increased by 300% while our registered sales volume increased by 1573% (yes, you read that right!);
  • A full 82% more listings were taken with the volume increasing by 16%;
  • Our associates sold 267% more properties with an increase of 218% in the volume of the properties sold.

Keller Williams Scenic property associates cover the whole of the Overberg and Overstrand, Western Cape. Based in Hermanus, we have a large selection of properties in Hermanus available for sale to discerning buyers.

To property sellers, we offer one of the largest real estate sales forces in the area. Our associates receive unmatched training and have access to advanced technology that enable them to sell your property in the shortest time possible at the best possible price. If you are thinking of selling, you can request a free valuation from us or you can list your property here.

If you're interested to explore a career in real estate at Keller Williams Scenic, you can arrange an exploratory business consultation with a member of our leadership team. Our team has grown rapidly since our launch last year August, and we'd be delighted to share with you why so many others have decided to make the move already.

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